Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome All

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and lets get to know each other.
I retired in August of 2007 and have all the time in the world to knit.
I have quite a bit of yarn since I used to own a knitting machine and yarn business, so can play with it.
I saw some of you have received a yarn winder for christmas. Well let me tell you i would hate to give up mine. It is a large winder that i used to use in my business and I can get two large balls of yarn out of a pounder. I also still have the electric winder that winds yarn on cones, (the ones like you get the large sugar and cream yarn on) but don't use it anymore. Guess i should try to sell it on ebay. Goodness i better get up to that attic and see what is up there, lol.
I love to make up my own patterns so I kept my knitting board grid. I love it....just use it then erase it and start over.
I live in a small resort town and it the winter time there are not many people that live around me but come summer time there are tons of people.
I live next to an amusement park and the kids love going there in summer but they having problems right now and don't think they will open it this summer.
I live in the snow belt and seems like there is always snow on the ground.
I just finished making a baby sacque for our new baby. She is so small she will be able to use it all winter long.
Well i guess i better get going and let you ladies and gents get back to your looming.
You all come back ya hear.