Monday, June 9, 2008

Prayer Shaw

There are some asking for a easy triangle shaw so I decided to put the pattern on my blog so that the people that are not on ravelry can see it.
This pattern is very easy since i made it as one of my first projects and at that time only knew the e-rap stitch.
I used 1 strand of red heart yarn and one strand of a thin yarn on my shaw.
Large Yellow Round Loom.E-raped 2 pegs.
Knit back to stitch #1.You will increase 1 stitch every other row till all pegs are in use.
Knit 2 rows over all pegs.
Now decrease 1 stitch every other row till you have 2 pegs with stitches on them.
Bind off.I used fringe on my shaw but you could crochet around it if you want.
All finished.
It is said that when you wrap a prayer shaw around you God is wraping his arms around you.

My Yarn Winder

This is a picture of my yarn winder. The yarn is a pounder and you can see I have about 1/2 lb balled and thought you would like to see it.