Sunday, April 13, 2008

Laura Mae

This is my new great grandchild Laura Mae. She is named after her other great grandma and great, great grandma. I wish I lived closer to them as they live 100 miles away and don't get to see her very often.
Isn't she the sweetest little thing .
Her mommy Sarah Mae is my first grandaughter/grandchild.
As you can see the sacque I made her is so big on her but guess that is better then being to small on her lol.
Since I made her circle baby blanket blue and white I guess I will have to make one in a different color. Good thing I joined in the loom along for the pinwheel blanket. Will be fun knitting with others doing the blanket. I found a great site for doing the edge arround it on another blogsite and saved it so i could do it on another round blanket. I like the pointed edge and think i will use that one on mine. What do you think?
The site is Take a look maybe you would like to try it also.