Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My New Toy

Hi Everyone,

I just had to post a picture of my new toy.

Won the bid on ebay for this pretty little toy. It is made my DA looms. Even got the yarn with with it.

I wish I could play with it now but I am in the middle of designing a little pair of pants for a baby and still have to upload the baby sacque.
I will have these patters up and for sale soon.

Robin McCoy has been great about helping me get them ready. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU ROBIN. (HUGGGGGGGGS) One sweet lady.

Going to start posting some recipes that I think you ladies will enjoy. I am typing up one now and probably post it tomorrow. It is for Chocolate Gravy. Come on now stop saying ewwwwwww. I also said that when I heard of it. But if you like chocolate you will love this, and the kids go crazy over it. I made this for my grandchildran and they all ask me to give the recipe to their mother. Well you all have a nice day and come back tomorrow and get that recipe.


jpirkle said...

Just in time for valentines day--Chocolate gravy. I'm a chocoholic so I'm game to try almost anything. What do you put it on?
I love your new toy. DA looms makes the best looms. This one is so very big-what are you planning on making first? Have fun with your new toy.
Ravelry ID: jpirkle

Anonymous said...

Joann, Now I know who was bidding against me. Giggle. I gave up and plan to order the toy from DA.

Ravelry ID:Katiebell